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Once we know the power of our imagination, and how using it to visualize objectives and desired conditions brings us closer to them in our objective reality, we come to the realization that theres different avenues to it. 

While the ideal condition is for us to us all available stimulus to enhance the process, usually we have a tendency to prefer one over the others.

Some people find it really easy to see images of themselves achieving their goals, winning the championship cup, driving their dream car, or holding hands with the perfect romantic partner. 

This is the visual orientation.

Some other...

The first step is for you to lay back and observe, be aware that you are aware, that you are conscious and you can direct that consciousness wherever you want

  • you can focus on your throat, your hands or your heart

  • you can also focus on a memory, or an event that is yet to pass

  • you can focus on a candle, the sun, or the the moon

  • you can also focus it on things that seem out of this realm

Prolonged, sustained concentration on each of these will produce a different effect, but well talk about that later, the fact is that you have a maleable consciousness that takes any shape t...

Everything in this universe is made of vibration, from rock solid matter, to emotions, thoughts and beyond, everything is tuned to a different wavelength. By aligning yourself to different frequencies, you create your perception of reality. It is so that you are responsible for EVERYTHING that comes into your consciousness, by means of your actions, words, and thoughts.

This means that you have the capability to create for yourself any kind of reality that you wish for, the only requirement for this is for you to align yourself to the desired vibration with intensity and endurance, until, from...

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